the comeback

the comeback

*clearing throught nervously*

it's been forever, i know.

but i haven't forgotten. honest. it's just taken me a while. the fire was out for a bit. i was distracted, uninspired.

ok, lazy.

but i finally got it back. my mojo. my oomph.

and like a phoenix rising from the ashes....and britney's new album...

the journal is making an official comeback.

the comeback has been a year in the making, as i have been wistfully reading my vintage journals in an attempt to consolidate my memories and musings from 2 blogs into 1. i had been a voracious journaler-blogger from 2001-2005. it's a bit of a blur, because i am still amazed at how consistent i was, blogging almost every day, every week at the very least.

then i said hello to 2006, and goodbye to my journal.

the 2006-2008 void has no excuse. i was in a passionate love affair with my job. scrambling up the corporate ladder, my life was entirely defined by work. i worked at the office, at home, on my phone and across the country. i worked out of my nyc office 6-8x a year and traveled across the country 2x a year for store visits. by the time the weekend rolled around, i was pooped.

so i slept.

but, looking back to the journaling of my salad days, i recognized familiar patterns:

sunday is still my darling of the week - a quiet morning to myself, coffee & the nytimes, and a lazy day at my disposal.
my obsession with bookstores and reading in general is as fierce as ever.
the bf, doggie and family always make me smile.

art, music, travel, film and fashion color my world.
my twenty-something antics continue with my darling girlfriends. not as frequent, but just as rich. and with better, big girl cocktails (rose or extra dirty martinis, please).


and the new bits? the most noteworthy mentions:

i've fallen out of love with my job - life is too precious and too short. now my job is just a job. and it feels oh-so-good.

2008 has been a year of rediscovery - friendships, interests and my self.

it's all about living a healthy, stress-free life. (much easier to achieve as a former workaholic).

i'm really, really thinking about the future ("when i grow up" future stuff).


the goal is 1 thoughtful, high-quality entry per week while peppering the journal with daily prattle. sounds do-able, and with modern day mobile blogging, i should have no excuse.

*deep breath*

ok. i'm ready.

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reegsta said...

don't call it a comeback you've been here for years. no love on the blog roll?! hahaaha jp

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