{home sweet home} - a whale of a time

"... our objects, bibelots, whatnots, and knickknacks-say the most about who we are.
they are as honest as a diary. "
- charlotte moss

{lourdes sánchez whales pillow cover via west elm}

sylvie's  {home sweet home} tip no. 1:

for an easy sunny update, pick up some happy colored pillows. sprinkle them around and - poof! - everything will feel lighter and brighter. on my little love list, i'm dreaming of some lemon yellow chevrons, vivid vermillion or, in today's case....a handsome, cobalt blue whale.

 {lourdes sánchez whales pillow cover via west elm}

he's a charmer, right? i'm trying to decide if he'll make a bigger splash in our living room or alongside our corgi pup napoleon on our bed. either way, he's sitting in my shopping cart and i cannot wait for him to come home!

now it's your turn, friends - how do you like to signal summer in your home sweet homes? a tall vase of hot pink dahlias?  a zinc white comforter? a lemon filled silver bowl?

here's to the bright side.


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la petite coquine said...

This is such wonderful advice for bringing a bit of summer inside! John and I always have big bowls of citrus laying around, both for their visual appeal and so we can whip up a cocktail any time!

Carina said...

wonderful post!


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