arm candy

"all the world carried in a handbag..."
- spearmint

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with autumn fully underway, my eyes have been lighting up at the sight of any and every handbag style by the lovely and amazing anya hindmarch, one of my all time favorite designers. always clever and bubbling with charm, each piece delights with a wink and a smile. 

this fall, i'm particularly smitten with these three anya beauties. the whipstitch & bow, academy-esque patches and playful tassels had me at hello....they're all so fantastic!

{ 1, 2, 3}

arm candy 
anya hindmarch

No 1.

whipstitch neeson clutch {in white}

No 2.

london canvas patch tote {in grey}

No 3.

lacing top handle tassel tote {in orange}

friends, which of these three lovelies do you wish for this season? and, i'd love to hear what autumn handbag you're dreaming of carrying. pretty please? :)

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Morgan said...

I would pick....all 3! The first small one is perfect for an evening out to dinner, the second would be great for carrying all you need to work, and the 3rd would be adorable for weekend adventures.

But then, I have a purse problem, and regularly switch up the ones I'm using with my mood or my outfit. For fall though, I definitely gravitate to darker colored leathers and fabrics, in camels, browns and blacks.

Ly Zhang said...

I love them all! If I had to pick I would pick 1 or 2.



Style said...

so true, love that quote

xo Leslie


Lena Leson said...

Oh my goodness, that little clutch is just darling! I'm dreaming about a new wool coat in a shade just like that one!

Princesskairi333 said...

I love the No 2.
london canvas patch tote {in grey}!!!

Karen said...

The "sweet" one is really sweet =)


sylvie said...

yes, it's so darling! and your blog, miss karen, is just as darling, too. :)

sylvie said...

ahhh, that bookbag is at the top of my list this fall. so glad you love it too, friend!

sylvie said...

lena, you MUST find a winter white coat. it would look exquisite on you! xoxo

sylvie said...

thank you, leslie! your blog is wonderful...so happy to have you stop by :)

sylvie said...

i think you should pick both, miss ly! :)

sylvie said...

this is one of the many reasons i adore you, morgan! our shared love for all handbags. :) i'm on the hunt for a rich cognac brown satchel this autumn, too!

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